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  Thermal Johns™ (TJ's™)

Highest Performance Cold Weather Clothing on Earth!

Anyone can be truly warm and comfortable at temperatures from above freezing to well below Zero with ease. It's not magic, it's science. The technology and equipment have been in development for over 30 years. We call it "P.A.L.S." (The Phillips Arctic Living System).

P.A.L.S. Is an approach to winter clothing with performance advantages over anything you've ever worn. Simply described, the P.A.L.S. clothing system will (when properly used) keep you dryer and warmer than other layered technology clothing on the market. Moisture inside the clothing, whether produced by the body (perspiration) or entering from the outside (blowing snow, sleet, falling into water) is moved out of the clothing by the process of Moisture Vapor Transfer (MVT). You need not remove the P.A.L.S. Clothing system to dry it out. Wear the clothing and your body heat will do the job, yet most body heat is retained in the process. For this to work you must not be wearing any waterproof layers, shells or outer garments (waterproofing will trap moisture, even the so called "waterproof / breathable" fabrics don't breath well enough to do the job).

This technology has been introduced to all branches of the U.S. Military and cold weather explorers who live and work in extreme cold. Jim Phillips introduced this technology and training to the Iditarod mushers in Alaska, where it has been used by the winners. Jim's clothing has been worn at the North Pole, South Pole, and many places in between. It was selected and worn by Apollo 13 Astronaut, James A. Lovell on his North Pole expedition.

P.A.L.S. Performance Standards
Many factors affect the comfort range of clothing components. We take a very conservative approach when answering the common question of "How Cold?"

The real questions to ask along with "How Cold" are: [1] for How Long, [2] at what Activity Level, [3] what are the Environmental Conditions, [4] with what Other Clothing Components and, [5] what Physical Condition and Health. All of these have a very significant affect on the comfort range of any clothing for a given individual.

The P.A.L.S. technology when understood and properly used as a system offers remarkable comfort and survivability over an extremely broad range of temperatures and conditions.

Soft insulated wrist cuffs, no restrictive wet feeling bands.
Open down front for adjustability and venting.

Long body design provides extra overlap with the bottoms system to eliminate gapping in the back when bending or sitting.

High back design provides extra overlap with tops to eliminate
gapping when bending or sitting.
Insulated soft fly.
Soft insulated ankle cuffs without restricting bands.
Draw cord waist allows personal comfort adjustment

Color - Black Only
Open cell foam insulation matrix.
All synthetic materials for maximum moisture management and comfort.
Unisex sizing for ease of fit. Adult sizes available to fit chest and hip sizes from 28" to 53"

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You will need these measurements when placing your order-

1- Chest/bust - Measure around the fullest part of the chest, under the arms with the arms down to the side. Women should measure around the fullest part of the bust with a bra on (NOT the bra size).
2- Arm Length - Measure underarm to the wrist with the arm extended straight out horizontal from the side.
3- Girth (stomach) - Measure at the fullest part of the abdomen (belly).
4- Hips (buttocks) - Measure around the fullest part of the hips/buttocks (not the waist)
5- Inseam - Measure from the crotch to the bottom of the leg at the tip of the ankle bone.

For best performance the Thermal Johns should have a more accurate fit than traditional clothing: CLOSE FITTING, BUT NOT TIGHT, FREE FEELING BUT NOT FLOPPY LOOSE. To ensure selecting the right size for a good fit, please provide the following measurements ( IN INCHES ). Use a cloth (fabric) measuring tape.

Measure snug, but not tight. Although a cloth measuring tape is best, if you do not have one you can use a piece of string around you; cut it to the exact length and then accurately measure the string with a steel tape or large rule. Measure only over thin tight fitting clothing (underwear is best, if possible). DO NOT take measurements over bulky clothing, belts, wallets, keys, etc.
Note: Not all cloth tapes start at "ZERO", check and be sure to read accurately.

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  The following information is the "O&M Manual" (Owners & Maintenance) that is sent out with the TJs

The Thermal Johns™ (TJs™) formerly called Inner Thermal Liner™ (ITL's™) by Phoenix Performance Clothing. The Following Information Is Critical for care and optimum performance of your TJs™! Your TJs™ are Underwear, and by law cannot be returned after being worn. They may, however, be tried on for a few minutes ONLY IF worn over other appropriate and adequate clean personal protection garments.

HOW TO WEAR THEM: DO NOT wear any clothing of any kind under your TJs™

This is extremely important - clothing layers of cotton or wool MUST NOT be worn underneath the TJs™. Doing so will greatly reduce overall moisture handling characteristics. The results will be a narrower comfort range, i.e., overheating in milder conditions and chilling in colder conditions.

Thermal Johns™ (TJs™) can be used in two ways:

[1] As a stand alone single-layer insulating undergarment inside of any clothing that will fit over top of them;
[2] Or they can be worn inside of any existing layering system, however only as the innermost layer. As the innermost layer they will significantly enhance the performance of any standard layering system.

The Thermal John™ is designed to always be worn inside of other clothing. They are very open and "breathable" to maximize the movement of moisture vapor away from the body while retaining heat. The outer shell or other garments on top of the TJs™ are very important to keep wind and moving air from carrying away body heat.

Best moisture handling and insulating performance will be realized if your TJs™ are used inside of an all synthetic non-sealed (non-waterproof) but tightly woven wind resistant fabric shell.


Hand Wash - Roll Out Moisture - Drip Dry or Tumble Dry at Low or Medium Heat.

Hand wash in a large sink or bathtub using a liquid laundry detergent (which is quicker dissolving and freer rinsing than most powders). Because of the materials used they wash very easily.

DO NOT wring out the water as this may cause damage to the thick insulation. Simply fold them in half and tightly roll them up to effectively expel the water.

Allow them to drip dry, or tumble dry using low or medium heat.

During emergencies when the power is off the TJs™ can be dried using body heat by wearing them. As expected, they are uncomfortable when you first put them on wet, however, they will warm up shortly and dry surprisingly fast as you wear them.

PERFORMANCE STANDARDS: Will my TJs™ keep me warm at below 0°?

Many factors affect the comfort range of clothing components. We take a very conservative approach when answering the common question of "How cold is it good for?

" The real questions to ask along with "how cold" are: [1] for how long, [2] at what activity level, [3] what are the environmental conditions, [4] used in conjunction with what other clothing components, [5] what is the physical condition and health of the wearer. All of these have a very significant affect on the comfort range of any clothing for a given individual.

The PALS Technology when understood and properly used offers remarkable comfort and performance over an extremely broad range of temperatures and conditions.

Taking all of this into consideration, the normal operating range for the 1/2" TJs™ is down to approximately 0°F. Its useful range can easily extend to below zero when used correctly with proper outer shells and other appropriate high performance insulating garments such as hand wear, head wear and footwear.

We are confident your Thermal John™ will out perform any other conventional layered product you have ever used, If worn as recommended. It will keep you dryer and warmer than anything else. Don't be afraid to sweat in your TJs™, so long as it is the innermost garment and no layers are used underneath them, especially cotton or wool.

It is usually desirable to wear some type of underwear on the bottoms - make them "briefs." You want to wear just as little as possible on the bottoms. Never wear "long-johns" of any kind on the bottom. It is preferred that your briefs be made from polyester or nylon, not cotton.

NEVER wear a cotton "T-shirt" underneath the tops - it will hold the moisture next to you and significantly reduce performance. Where it is appropriate to wear some type of garments underneath, then use a thin, light weight 100% synthetic polyester.

The TJs™ inner insulating garment is intended to be used inside of a variety of outer shells (insulated and uninsulated). The outer shell fabric will greatly affect the apparent warmth of the insulation in the wind.

CAUTION: ( MELT and FIRE Hazard ) Always protect your TJs™ from high heat or flame!

Thermal John's™ are made from 100% synthetic materials to give the best possible thermal and moisture performance in the cold. The inner and outer fabrics are 100% open mesh nylon or polyester to afford maximum breathability, and moisture vapor transfer. The insulation material is an open cell synthetic foam matrix that gives superior moisture management and transport characteristics, while retaining body heat.

The materials your TJs™ are made from are 100% synthetic. As with all synthetics this poses a melt and fire hazard. Children and Adults alike should be cautioned and instructed in the proper use of TJs™ and the potential melt and fire hazard.

Always use outer shells of cotton, wool or Nomex when any flame or high heat may be near.


We highly recommend that you get a copy of the two tape video set (4 hours) Practical Preparedness Principles which explains the science behind your TJs™, and why it has saved so many lives. The video is available from the Preparedness & Survival Training Institute for $29.95 plus $5.00 shipping and handling.

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Will your clothing keep you comfortable without heat?

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